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Sol Proving


by Phillip Robbins





Sunlight is the primary life giving energy of the planet Earth and its inhabitants. Being a radiation and universally present, I consider it to belong to the group of remedies I call the Universal Kingdom. In fact, I consider it to be the leading representative of this group of remedies, along with Luna. Universal remedies have the following characteristics:

  1. Universal distribution or effect.
  2. Universal symbolism and/or mythology.
  3. Themes that go beyond the individual, such as infinity, eternity, timelessness.
  4. Themes to do with the higher Self, spirit or soul; connection with the all.
  5. Themes to do with integration or dissolution of whole Self.
  6. Themes from both polarities of perfection and/or destruction.

Examples of other Universal Kingdom remedies are Aqua marina, Dioxin, DNA, Fire, Ozonum, Positronium, Polystyrenum, RNA and vacuum. X-ray and the Magnetic poles may also be members but their characteristic symptoms are not so will known as to be sure. (See my book ‘Evolving Homœopathy – Towards a developmental model for Homoeopathy’ for further details.)


There already exists a proving of Sol, carried out by final year students in England around 1993 and published by Helios Pharmacy. Although this proving produced a range of symptoms, it did not seem to me to bring out any overall theme. I would suggest that this may be because it was conducted before the availability of Jeremy Sherr’s textbook on proving "The Dynamics and Methodology of Homœopathic Provings" which was published in 1994. Even so, their conclusion that many of their provers became decisive and clear about major decisions in their life does fit well with this proving of Sol. Also, its success in treating ‘Sad Syndrome’ is validated by the amount of depression in this proving. This previous proving was of Sol Britannica as was this proving. I also did a small proving of Sol Australis (not published) which had similar themes, only more intense, so I do not consider there is any significant difference between these two varieties.

I hope that this proving adds to a fuller picture of this important remedy.





The Sun is the source of light, heat and life and its rays represent the celestial or spiritual influences which the Earth receives. It was often seen as a God or manifestation of Godhead or as the supreme Deity’s Son. In addition to giving life to things, the Sun’s rays make things manifest by making them perceptible. It is the force which brings light, form and order out of chaos and dark; discriminates, separates as, for example in making the seasons. It often represents the masculine conscious ego because the ego is the dominant factor in the psyche as the sun is the dominant light in the sky.


The cycle of the Sun symbolizes the alternation of life, death and rebirth, both in its daily manifestation as well as in its annual manifestation. The Sun may also be regarded as what makes fertile, yet at the same time as what burns up and kills.

To the Orphics it was the intellect of the world. If the light radiated by the Sun is intellectual knowledge, the Sun itself is the cosmic intellect, just as in the individual being the heart is the seat of the faculty of knowing.


The Sun is naturally often associated with the Moon. They are sometimes seen as the eyes of a great creator deity. The Egyptians envisaged the moon as the right eye of the god Horus and the sun as his left eye. Similarly, in Chinese myth the left eye of the conmic giant Pan Gu became the sun and his right eye became the moon. The Samoyed considered sun and moon as the two eyes of Nam (the Heavens), the sun being the good eye and the moon the evil eye. The solar and lunar eyes correspond to the two lateral nâdi in Yoga – idâ (luna) and pingâla (solar). Furthmore, the journey which the liberated being undertakes on reaching the central nâdi may either be directed towards the sphere of the Sun, that is, along the path of the gods, which has to do with escaping the cycle of death and rebirth by direct enlightenment, or towards the sphere of the moon, which involves re-entering the cycle of rebirth for the purpose of helping other.


The Moon is almost always Yin relative to the Sun’s Yang, since the latter’s light shines directly while the Moon’s is only a reflection of the Sun’s. The Sun is the active principle, the other the passive. The opposition of Sun and Moon generally overlays male-female dualism. However, in most nomadic pastoral societies the Sun is female (Mother Sun) and the Moon is male (Father Moon); this is true of most of the Mongol and Turkic peoples of central Asia. So this active-passive, male-female duality is not a fixed rule for all societies. In this proving you will see the large focus of symptoms on Male energy, logic and intellectual understanding and assimilation. There are also several opposite symptoms; one dream of a male being a female and one female feeling very strong in her femininity.


What most strikingly epitomize the basic symbolic dualism of the sun and moon pairing are the attributes of the divisions made by the Omaha Indians. In their encampments, their tents were separated into two semi-circles. The first presided over all religious activities associated with the sun, the day, the north, the higher, the male principle and the right side. The second circle presided over the duties of politics and society, associated with the moon, the night, the lower, the female principle and the left side.


A Hindu Myth says Soma the god of the moon and son of Dharma was lord of the oceans from which the moon rises. According to legend, Surya, the golden sun god, nourishes the moon with the water from the ocean when it is exhausted by the many beings who feed upon his substance. For, during half the month, 36,000 divinities feed on the moon and this assures their immortality. This account neatly combines the two aspects of Soma: as the nectar from which the Gods divine their strength and as the moon which waxes and wanes.


Paul Diel interprets the Sun as giver of light and the Heavens which it illuminates as symbolizing the intellect and the superconsciousness. As he would say, the intellect corresponds to consciousness and the spirit to superconsciousness. Thus the Sun and its rays have become symbols of enlightenment.


The solar principle is represented by a large number of animals, birds and plants (Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Sunflower, Eagle, Stag, Lion and the metal gold.)





Number Gender Potency Date Method


1 M 30c 2.04.02 Ingested first dose (see 14)

2 F 6c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

3 M 200c 2&3.04.02 Ingested two dose

4 F 30c 2&3.04.02 Ingested two doses

5 F 6c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

6 M 30c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

7 M 200c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

8 M 30c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

9 F 30c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

10 F 30c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

11 M 30c 3.04.02 Ingested single dose

12 F 30c 2.04.02 Ingested single dose

14 M 200c 23.04.02 Second dose of higher potency; (prover 1)

15 F 30c 4.05.02 Ingested single dose

16 F 6c 7.05.02 Ingested single dose

17 F 14c 2.03.01 Sensitive prover held remedy

18 F 30c 2.03.01 Sensitive prover held remedy

19 F 30c 27.03.02 Sensitive prover held remedy

20 F 200c 2.03.01 Sensitive prover held remedy

21 F 200c 27.03.02 Sensitive prover held remedy

22 F 1M Radionic 2.03.01 Sensitive prover held remedy

23 F 1M Radionic 27.03.02 Sensitive prover held remedy

24 F 50M Radionic 2.03.01 Sensitive prover held remedy

25 M 200c 4.5.02 Prover 14 repeated the remedy




Notes on Methodology:

In this proving two controversial procedures are used in some cases: that of having a sensitive prover hold the remedy instead of ingest the remedy and the use of radionic potencies. The validity of using radionic potencies in some of these blind provings can be assessed by comparing the results obtained from their use with those obtained from conventional potencies. They both produce similar symptoms.









18:30c:0: Lot of twisting and turning (emotionally) inside but not so deep. More shallow.

Uncomfortable - wants to leave things out.


18:30c:0: Everything they know is not important – could leave it out.

Don’t know where they are going.


18:30c:0: Understanding that if they take in everything and just wait they will be shown everything and be complete, but they are already leaving stuff out and wont be complete.

This is before the real parting (of soul & mind). They have all the pieces (of themselves) but can’t line them up right for it to turn on.


19:30c:0: Feel very agitated; this quickly goes to a very low, depressed state; bogged down; sticky and slow flow; indigestion also. As if they are on the edge of a river where the flow is stagnant and slow.


20:200c:0: Has a huge emptiness on the inside:

Thus they don’t know where they are going and are not pressured to bring home the food (yet). Full of lots of potential.


20:200c:0: They keep looking inside (for something that is missing). Will tend to go somewhere to fill up the emptiness.





1:30c:6: If I had to talk to someone before I would get extremely stressed and feel very drained if they had any negative reaction to me. I could sense too much or I give too much, and that is draining. Now I can enjoy that particular moment and not worry too much about the future or what is right or wrong. I would usually think too much and worry. Now I don’t let all my thoughts and feelings gush out. Realised you have to enjoy each moment, and you will still have time to think about the situation. CS


2:6c:m: I felt more in-tune with my feelings. My intolerances changed around. I used to be intolerant of small things about people and not be able to say anything about important issues. This has changed around so that I can let go of the small annoyances and now I say something about the big things. My feelings on the issue are more obvious to me. CS


2:6c:m: I know when to stop putting out a lot of energy with other people now. Before I did not realise when I was doing this too much and would get home feeling drained. CS


2:6c:1- 20: Come to the point where she will not be in pretence for individuals that do not reciprocate to her. A sort of weeding out of energy draining people and re-grouping of her own energy has been happening a lot. A boundary placing and self preserving shift. CS


2:6c:m: Wanting to communicate her feelings and frustrations more. CS


4:30c:4: Volcanic rage at daughters selfishness. Felt no guilt after:- a ‘what about me’ attitude.


4:30c:4: Anger that wasn’t able to resolve things was easily dropped. It would only be misinterpreted if I said something; didn’t try to appease them. A waste of energy. I didn’t want to play games. Not worried about what others thinking.


4:30c:m: It has clarified a lot in relationships and life for me. My tolerance level of what I am prepared to take and won’t take has changed.

I am clearer seeing where people are coming from. A bigger picture; less self-absorbed.

It made me find my boundaries.


4:30c:m: I used to dwell on offences. ‘What did I do to deserve that?’ Now easier to deflect offences. ‘Too bad, that’s your problem." I’m Ok with me. I don’t take it to heart as much.


4:30c:m: The conception and mis-conception (her pregnancy and mis-carriage) was all for a positive reason. I found more strength in me, and more clarity about people and where they are coming from. I can see through the mis-conceptions of people now.


4:30c:m: No regrets about taking it. It made me sit up and go ‘this is where I am.’

10:30c:4: My priorities have changed to people whom are dear to me – my relationship and family who have given me support. I feel a deep love and affection for my partner B and daughter and my Sister and her son.


10:30c:6: Have more of a drive to work old troubles through. I have a strategy now on how to handle life. A confidence about my ability. CS


10:30c:6: A peace; just be true. CS


10:30c:12: B and I have been very intimate; reaching new levels in our relationship. I feel strong and calm. CS


10:30c:18: I feel a strong sense of self. I know where my limits are, so I am not getting rattled by what people say to me (ie. ongoing feuds with family members). CS


10:30c:m: My emotional state changed: I wanted to go ‘the whole hog’ (all the way) with emotional issues, to get into them deeply. There was a strength emotionally and a peaceful place inside that I was coming from. CS


10:30c:m: Balancing lots of things – building a house and getting married and my child. Very organised. I didn’t feel that I wasn’t doing enough. Getting in and getting things done efficiently. CS


10:30c:m: Emotional stuff not getting in the way. A sense of calm – nothing rattles me. CS


16:6c:1: Felt quite calm and at ease with myself.


16:6c:4: This feeling of well being is a nice kind of soft sort of self-assurance, hearty and warm.


16:6c:8: A feeling of rightness about myself and of my woman-ness and femininity. I feel very grounded in it at the moment and am very much in love with being a woman and the whole process that is unfolding with my body and new awakenings. (She has just gone through menopause.)





1:30c:2: I feel more confident in what I can do in the future. I am studying software design, but have wondered how I would go in the real world. Started to feel confident that this training will be useful and I will be able to do the work. CS


2:6c:14: Dream 1: At an old job and feeling frustrated at lunchtime with the wasting of time (a feeling of life slipping away).


9:30:2 Moved quite efficiently through the day without resistance. Like I am riding easily, weightlessly through things.


9:30:2 Had a discussion with husband about me having had babies too young and not having a life, and wanting to escape. RS Husband said ‘Why don’t you just grow up; this is your life.’ This time I owned it. CS Felt like I got through something, instead of getting defensive. I expressed myself clearly without getting caught up in my own rabble. Cried easily and clearly.


11:30c:2: By 9 pm felt like getting things done that I had been putting off for weeks. CS


11:30c:10: Getting back into working – going with the flow. Not stressing about anything. CS


11:30c:15: Sold my business. I didn’t worry about the negatives. A guy approached me and paid what I wanted. Didn’t think much about it.


11:30c:m: Was more productive. Getting the job done and nothing phasing me (upsetting me). CS


12:30c:5: Driving back to Ballina and a thought popped into my head. ‘I do like living on this beautiful Earth’. It seemed significant or different because I usually half jokingly say ‘I’m not sticking around here to be too old and infirm’ and ‘I’m not coming back’ and other such cynical references to leaving Earth. CS


16:6c:4: What I did like though was that I could lose the plot in the music and be able to find my way back into the melody again.


16:6c:4: Somehow I am not wanting just OK anymore. I realize I actually want to be professional in this (her music).


19:30c:0: Still has some driving purpose and a mission in life. It is difficult to keep going, but can’t stop. Does not have an option to stop. Not an easy way to go; so much harder as they are not in the main stream.


21:200c:0: Very pleased with what they are doing. Has a good sense of direction, but not goal focused (unlike 30c and 1M). Not stretched beyond themself. Has a sense of themselves.


21:200c:0: Focuses on what they need to do now; not focused on some goal ahead of now.


21:200c:0: Only worries about what they want to do and what they want. They are missing an awareness of something that is not self.


23:1M R:0: Parts of this remedy are like various other remedies. It is the main stream and all the others attach off it. It is like the river of life. A huge river. Has a flow and ebb quality. A huge journey or purpose; that is what is important. This remedy flows through all the organs and tissues, and thus sees none of them as more important than any other. A gentle thing and soft, but you can’t stop it. It just goes through everything. Dioxin and DNA are similar, as each has a journey and purpose. Each thinks it is important.


25:200c:1: In my usual flow of thinking – I don’t try and control it – I would get inspirations. I have realised it is important to control my flow of thinking:

Now I am more centred and focused and feel I will be more successful and achieve more.





7:200c:1 Wake up late with my lift waiting for me. Jump out of bed; no breakfast; feel disconnected but calm.


9:30:1 It could be that I feel a bit removed from things and myself. Not so attached to something. A theme of splitting off – more perspective?


9:30C:2 Felt she was a witness.


9:30:7 Had an episode with the children tonight. I was emotionally detached. Just dealt with the situation without guilt or anxious feelings.

9:30C:6 Worked together with the others in class. It was clear to me exactly how I was compared to them. Objective - witness to something – not upsetting.





7:200c:0-4 A sensation that my body is my container and that the surface (skin) feels like an obvious boundary between me and the world; it’s like it delineates my isolation. My body’s outer layer is more obvious to my awareness than normal.


7:200c:1 Feel not integrated with the environment; I can perceive it but not feel part of it; like not being behind my eyes but behind myself looking through my eyes.


9:30:1 Went to yoga – quite disconnected from it.


9:30:8 Feel disjointed; no synchronicity in my day.


11:30c:0:immediately: Voices sounded distant. Felt very calm. No anxiety – just zoned out.


11:30c:2: Alternating between being zoned out or not caring and depressed.





4:30c:4: Feeling brain dead; more procrastination than normal. Really shut down.

Don’t want to answer phone or talk to people.


4:30c:m: I haven’t been able to go through the grief of the miscarriage. Maybe I am too angry at the others to allow it. I am annoyed at others who didn’t acknowledge the whole pregnancy and miscarriage.


11:30c:1: Felt a bit locked up inside myself. Fell into depression; in a rut.


17:14c:0: Very closed off. Not going to let anyone know what it is like. Not looking at things. Gives no response. e.g a child who has been sick with lots of ear, nose & throat things all its life. Sits with mouth open and staring and not responding.


17:14c:0: Like something was missing when born:

Leads to a state of no love, hate or anything happening on their inside.


17:14c:0: Been bombarded by too much… e.g. antibiotics. This got passed onto them. i.e genetic. Born like that and feels it is supposed to stay there. Doesn’t have a spirit.


17:14c:0: Eg. History of their Mother wasn’t well:

Generations of suppression (at least 3) have occurred to produce this.


23:1M R:0: They become really stupid like dementia. Logic won’t work on them.


23:1M R:0: Their body is so painful that they retract into a nice space. They withdraw from their body into a non-logical state (delusion).


25:200c:1: Communicating better with people, rather than being in my own world. CS





22:1m R:0: Causes a conflict between classes of people. A person who is very smart and works for e.g. as a backhoe operator – if they try to get out of that they will get a lot of physical pain. Can’t cope with being out of their class. If they stop doing that & stay where they believe they should be the pain will stop. Keeps people stuck in their classes.


2:6c:6: Feeling worn from the inside and wishing at times that there wasn’t so much material effort to be made in the name of social\societal graces. CS





2:6c:10: Feeling especially sad and panicky today.


2:6c:11: Feeling depressed in the morning. Felt physically and mentally tired all day.


2:6c:10,12: Somewhat depressed and vulnerable today. (Not usual for her birthday).


2:6c:12: I had been feeling very sad because a relative had not sent me a birthday card for today, but I had not checked the letterbox today or yesterday. Felt happier when I found her card was there after all!


4:30c:m: Depressed – didn’t give a dam about anything. Ennui, total; about my lot in life. No desire; total nothing. Then anger about everything; swearing and winging; > the ennui and just leaves the depression.


11:30c:3: Felt very very depressed; couldn’t lift myself out of it. By the afternoon, felt a little better.


11:30c:4: Very depressed; never been so depressed. No chance of getting out of it. Feel just like shit. Everything needs doing; nothing getting done.


11:30c:2: Alternating between being zoned out or not caring and depressed.

Avers talking to people; desire to stay home. Not interested in work; just wanted to do nothing. Everything is too much hassle. Feel distant about everything including my daughter. As day went on I came out of the depression by 11 am and felt positive by the afternoon.


17:14c:0: Dark & down. Everything is too hard to do.

Very slow and very heavy.

Like it is dead; not even alive.


18:30c:0: Solemn – this is him.


19:30c:0: Tired and lethargic.


19:30c:0: Depressed, reserved state.


19:30c:0: Goes to a hell like place – hot and burning like lava. Eg. People with dementia and are itching all over with or without any rash. More locked and tight in the dementia like males. Rash only comes out after anger.


21:200c:0: Not depressed (in this potency). Not so terminal. Not so retracted.

Doesn’t have a mission to go on to the end (like 30c).


24:50M R:0: As if totally inside the Earth – a dark place. A down feeling (mood).


24:50M R:0: From one extreme to the other. From having everything to losing everything.

Has a talented thing – ends up going to a dark and black place (depressed).

Does it in a very quick way – turns quickly. To being very dull.

Like a Professor at college- talks about lots of learned things, but later becomes depressed.


24:50M R:0: A slow dull thing – loses its shine. Hum drum, boring & everyday stuff leads to falling back from being on the edge of a huge potential. They fall back into themselves because they missed something. Once they get to where they wanted to – eg. Work, money, family etc. Still something is missing ® they get down. Very down.

Eg. A male trying to sort this out who was married with children – became gay because ‘he needs something’, couldn’t find it in a heterosexual relationship. Now trying homosexuality, but still not complete.






4:30c:1: Did all the things I had put off. A mover and shaker. Gung-ho attitude.


4:30c:4: I had five beers in the Pub. Felt great being childless there. ‘Stuff them all’ attitude; very yang. (Prover is female)


4:30c:4: Dream: A male acquaintance gave me a cuddle – very comforting.


4:30c:m: I carried on being assertive through the pregnancy and miscarriage. I felt strong about what I had to do. I was not soft in the pregnancy (like previous ones).


10:30c:3: When I look at my partner I can see where he is at, which is where I am at also; at loggerheads.


9:30:2 Actually sort my husband out to complement him and thank him for something. CS


10:30c:1: Dreams:

2. A ‘Soapy’ (like a TV serial) Set in the Lismore cathedral. Two lovers were not communicating properly. The lady wanted to know about a past lover and was asking the man if he loved her; was he still in love with her. The man’s response was that it was over a long time ago. He loved the lady now. I identified with the man, how he felt. He knew this. The lovers kept quarrelling as the man hoped into a van. The lady said she wanted counselling to work it out. The man didn’t think it was necessary. He drove off while the lady pleaded with him to no avail. I was observing like the third person looking on, not participating. As the third person I went with the man. He went to the shops and then to football.


It felt like a normal thing to do in the dream, but strange later, when awake (ie. to identify with the man).


16:6c:0: Noticed a feeling of playful competitiveness with a guy who I learn Indonesian with. I have especially since being an adult and "alternative" spurned the whole competitive thing. Suddenly, that evening I remembered how much fun it could be testing and teasing each other… a fun way to learn and the energy was definitely alive.


16:6c:2: My friend pointed out that I am being assertive.


18:30c:0: Very square way of thinking, like young males; about leaving things out.


20:200c:0: Mostly only males will need this remedy:


20:200c:0: If Hitler had this remedy he would not have done what he did. Would have had more heart and soul. He was driven to a goal, but not connected up in himself.


20:200c:1: Went to work and worked with 2 males:

They can’t distinguish what they actually need, because of a driving force inside them. A tension builds up, it starts out very small in the gut (lower abdomen), it gets stronger and stronger all the time reaching out to every part of the body. It is the driving force for sex and completeness, one gets confused for the other; the sexual desire is relieved but this force is still deep inside.

If it is not recognised the person is incomplete, like the professor who:





1:30c:1: While transferring data from one hard drive to another I wrote out every step on paper and it went smoothly. I used to just rush through it and make mistakes. Normally would get stressed and fear that I would do something wrong. This time, I wasn’t worried about it. It went smoothly.


1:30c:3: Working on a maths assignment – I took all day to work it out; doing it step by step with logic, and didn’t get it worked out. I usually take an intuitive approach without thinking logically too much. I can usually quickly sense the whole solution. Not now. CS 


5:6c:0: Mind overactive – keeping me awake. Lots of information went through. I felt like the observer analysing it.


14:200c:5: Something that worried me before doesn’t worry me now and I understand why it doesn’t. Am able to think about it in a logical way to resolve it. Realised I should be happy about it.


17:14c:0: Generally. Very scientific mind. Very clever about how things connect and work; eg cells in the body.


24:50M R:0: It’s round. Like looking off the edge of the earth and can see everything out there. Philosophy & stuff like that.





1:30c:8: This remedy does not let me rush ahead or bypass a few things and get to a solution (in my maths work). I would jump stages and get to an answer. Now I am enjoying the moment and get value out of it. Now I do thinking step by step and I get more out of it. I don’t get so tired. I absorb more with learning and eating. It has a more lasting result. The quality of life is better. CS


1:30c:10: I have been observing more details of life. Am able to enjoy little things for what they are rather than how they fit into the big picture. I enjoy each moment. CS


2:6c:9: Feel like my diet and nutritional absorption is good.


9:30C:2 Communicated and understood a bit better.


14:200c:1: It helped me resolve things in my mind from the past. In my 20’s I tried to help my brother and felt he never appreciated it. I felt disappointed in him and felt not appreciated. I got drained by trying to help him. Now I realised I am happy I was able to be of help and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t appreciated. CS


14:200c:1: Was able to plough through a lot of study – oblivious to time while doing it. Was able to keep a train of thought for many hours each day. Usually need more breaks. Didn’t feel rushed. Absorbing better. CS


14:200c:5: I feel less stressed by things. I enjoy things more. CS


16:6c:0: Seemed to be clear and taking in information.


25:200c:3: Not slowed down in thinking like on the 30c. Still reading each section carefully and doing all the exercises, instead of skipping through it like I used to. Less struggle inside now and I don’t get tired. Less struggle processing it.





2:6c:10,12: Vulnerable and easily hurt by others.

2:6c:12: I had been feeling very sad because a relative had not sent me a birthday card for today, but I had not checked the letterbox today or yesterday. Felt happier when I found her card was there after all!


2:6c:18: Emotionally fragile.


2:6c:12: Feel most vulnerable on waking in morning; I have to address myself. Bad thoughts crowd in on me during the night.


10:30c:0:Immediately: Felt very emotional; weepy and very sensitive; sentimental remembering past things; sensitive to what people say, in particular family members; and worries.





10:30c:3: Trigger happy, on the edge and tense; snapped at partner for no reason, then apologised.


10:30c:18: Not as patient with my daughter as I usually am. Losing it in front of her.





1:30c:2: Told my wife I wanted to go away with the family and relax at the beach; together as a family; to forget about work for a day or so and be together. CS


2:6c:0:immediately: A feeling of relaxation.


2:6c:24: Never felt so relaxed on the phone before. CS


4:30c:m: Sleepless with no anxiety. A nothing mood; I enjoyed lying there.


7:200c:1 Wake up late with my life waiting for me. Jump out of bed; no breakfast; feel disconnected but calm.


7:200c:1 Been really balanced today; no anxiety. CS


7:200c:3 Anxiety is greatly reduced since day 0. There is no wanting things to change. CS

[Prover has been tense, irritable and closed to loved ones. Anxious with a sense of pressure. These symptoms returned on day 5]


9:30:0 Felt quiet and withdrawn.


9:30:1 Quite slow and heavy physically and mentally; no need or wish to push myself.


9:30:1 Feel quite inward; not even that really; still.


9:30:1 From midday on have felt quiet still, calm. Any twinges of annoyance I have dealt with well. Letting things be.


9:30:2 I feel like the hooks that were down in me are gone. Not attached to drams. CS


9:30:2 Actually sort my husband out to complement him and thank him for something. CS


9:30C:4 More people around than usual; was not anxious as stressed as usually would be. Seemed more relaxed with my sister. CS


10:30c:6: A peace; just be true. CS


10:30c:m: Emotional stuff not getting in the way. A sense of calm – nothing rattles me. CS


10:30c:12: I feel strong and calm. CS


10:30c:m: There was a strength emotionally and a peaceful place inside that I was coming from. CS


11:30c:m: Was more productive. Getting the job done and nothing phasing me. Not stressing about silly things. Not worrying about money. CS


11:30c:0:immediately: Voices sounded distant. Felt very calm. No anxiety – just zoned out.

11:30c:8: Feel very calm; best I’ve felt this week.


12:30c:1: Woke up 2.30 am thinking about change. The thinking took place very deep in my body. A bodily knowing: a soft and quiet and gentle state noticed lying in bed in the night. Would only notice it while quiet. I realized if you want to make something different (ie. a difficult relationship) then change your own body. CS


12:30c:1: On waking in morning, noticed a sensation in right leg and foot. This melted away an my whole body was very quiet; exceptionally quiet. CS


12:30c:6: Have been more relaxed all week:

I seem to approach each day with a more relaxed attitude. CS


15:30c:1- 12: A calmness and lightness. A general sense of wellbeing. An at-easeness.


16:6c:1: Felt quite calm and at ease with myself.






1:30c:3: Confident. CS


1:30c:2: At a meeting last night I felt relaxed and confident when I looked other people in the eyes. I wasn’t worried about what I would say. Conversation flowed naturally. I was not nervous in myself. Used to always be a struggle to feel confident in my dealings with others. As a teen, my father had a nervous breakdown and become phobic of people. Instead of remaining strong, I copied him and became nervous about people for no rational reason. CS


4:30c:2: Put myself in a position to get my photo in the newspaper. Wouldn’t normally do that.


4:30c:4: Socially bold.


4:30c:4: Not sitting on things holding me back.






4:30c:14: No libido at ovulation.

4:30c:21: No libido since proving.


10:30c:18: I have such passion for my partner. We are putting the spark back into our relationship. CS






15:30c:1: A calmness and lightness.



24:50M R:0: Light hearted.


10:30c:18: I have such passion for my partner. We are putting the spark back into our relationship. CS


16:6c:8: I am clear …I really only wish to be with someone who is right for me this time. If the spark isn’t there, then I am not going to compromise.


16:6c:38 Feeling like I’ve come through a dark tunnel; feeling great, sunny.






24:50M R:0: Eternity & everything thereafter.





7:200c:1 Woke with incredibly active mind.


9:30C:3 Not so dissatisfied; things seem to be in place. CS








1:30c:1: Dream. An incredibly large loaf of bread.





2:6c:1: Dream: at school, learning history of magic. (Have been reading Harry Potter books recently) Asked jokingly by teacher in private moment if I know any ‘spells’. I say humorously ‘no, I don’t know any spells’ and give him a hug. He is shorter than I am – a bit like a teddy bear. We hug each other and give each other wholesome but sexy kisses.

This dream made me feel warm, very happy, loved and whole. A sense of well being.


3:200c:11: Dream: I was a female. (Prover is male)


5:6c:1: Dream of the house I grew up in and lived in till the age of 20 years. My father (who has been dead now for 18 years) was sitting on the mattress in his room; yellow pus was seeping from his stumps (he had amputated legs). There was three bedrooms in the house with mattresses laid on the floor in each. All three had white bedding, and he had gone into each and left pus on all the bedding. He looked so sad and helpless. I felt lots of sadness for him, and compassion and admiration because he is a very brave man.


7:200c:1 In the suburbs – like my parents home. I try to put the cat out- it fights and scratches me. Revving of a car engine; car is spinning its tyres and spraying rocks everywhere; also revving of a lawnmower – who is this antisocial man? – now a woman, crazy, but not now threatening.


7:200c:8 Dream of youth, male, being antisocial in behaviour; he is angry and prone to violence. I must show him that his ways are hurtful to himself and others. He is bigger than me!


7:200c:12 On a bus; it tell my father he is the worst parent I have met and it’s a pity he happens to be mine.


9:30:2 Had a dream of a love affair with Pat Cash (Famous Australian Tennis player). Where did that come from? I’m not a fan. In it, issues of wealth, fitting in, acceptance within a wealthy class of people. With him there was lovely, romantic new love – not sexual or erotic.


10:30c:1: Dreams: 1. A survivor type game. B and I were playing.

2. A ‘Soapy’ (like a TV serial) Set in the Lismore cathedral. Two lovers were not communicating properly. The lady wanted to know about a past lover and was asking the man if he loved her; was he still in love with her. The man’s response was that it was over a long time ago. He loved the lady now. I identified with the man, how he felt. He knew this. The lovers kept quarrelling as the man hoped into a van. The lady said she wanted counselling to work it out. The man didn’t think it was necessary. He drove off while the lady pleaded with him to no avail. I was observing like the third person looking on, not participating. As the third person I went with the man. He went to the shops and then to football.


It felt like a normal thing to do in the dream, but strange later, when awake (ie. to identify with the man).


16:6c:1: I was in a shopping centre with a boyfriend I had years ago. I remember the way we made love and everything felt OK…






7:200c:1 Three dreams:

1) Parking trucks like army trucks.


Associations: Organisation and movement.

2) Inside a building; brothers and another someone has been naughty – stolen something perhaps. One brother morphs into a black snake. I have a gun and try to shoot it – nothing happens. "You might not like this, but these are the consequences of your action."

3) I come to a town, city- steep pitched roofs, dark windows – severe, austere and cruel – I feel that I’m believed insane and this is where I’m put. There will be some severe consequence.

I wake up crying. It is like a punch to the emotional guts. COLD, UNFEELING, UNFRIENDLY BUILDINGS; EMOTIONALLY COLD. An unembodied statement of CRAZINESS.





9:30:0 Dream started out objectively – trying to work my way through a dark place; trying to find light; doorways and familiar markers. (I was thinking ‘it’s fear- deal with it; its OK. See it for what it is, but it got away on me.) Felt myself get really hot and go deeper into entanglement and fear. Fear breads fear. By the end of it I was sort of stuck – frozen physically and mentally freaking out. There was a big industrial like fan above me and I couldn’t move or do anything to turn it off. It had a full-on heavy vibe; it was huge, cold and a full-on energy. Got caught in the dream; couldn’t find the door.

Afterwards I was aware of my pelvic/thigh region – heightened sensation of gravity or solidness. Had a similar sensation on taking the remedy.





2:6c:4: Dream 1: I am part of a crew of an old sailing ship. One of the crew died and I retrieved his body from the water. He was kept first in my hammock and then transferred to a big net suspended from the side of the ship. (I had feelings of responsibility and duty.)

Dream 2: A holiday resort- a lake at the base of a cliff; a brightly coloured pair of high heel shoes and a psychedelic skateboard. (Feeling from this dream is that I should have more fun! I should go with the flow.)





2:6c:3: Dream: Lying on a tatami matting in a big space like a dance studio – about to give birth to a baby. She was going to be called Holly. Woke up before she was born. Woke excited but uneasy. Woke with sharp stomach pains.

2:6c:3: Stomach pains in evening.





2:6c:14: Dream 1: At an old job and feeling frustrated at lunchtime with the wasting of time (a feeling of life slipping away).

Dream 2. Visiting Sydney Uni and feeling frustrated by how many erstwhile routs, passages and green corridors for making one’s way about campus are now blocked off for security reasons or simply gone; making for a diminished experience. (Bit of a ‘Golden age’ or elegant feeling.)

Dream 3. On an amusement park ride with fantasy and monster effects. Hilariously tacky. The man behind me on a sort of slide part of the ride appeared to be in his underwear.


12:30c:6: Did this dream follow Sunday’s thought? (12:30c:5: about ‘I do like living on this beautiful Earth’.)

Dream: Bought a new house. It was run down and needed a lot of work. Despair. Why did we leave the other house? What have I done? Some really nice features of the new house – beautiful views; good supermarket close by with a lovely songstress (singer) there and other nice people.


16:6c:2: Kind of fantasy thing where there were several doors. I was aware that it was fantasy and that I had to choose one of the doors. I went before each door looking and before I could make a choice I was woken up. I was annoyed and disappointed that I didn’t get to choose.





7:200c:3 Two old lonely people meet and find that both their spouses died the same way and that they share a surprising commonality of history. They found solace in each other.





2:6c:m: Lots of dreams during proving with the following themes:






4:30c:1: Dreams: 1. Three tarantulas in bed with me, one bit me on my right toe. Had to get my husband to get them off my foot. Not scared. What did I do to deserve this? Sense of injustice. Felt under attack because there was three of them; shock of attack. Spiders were tenacious – not letting go. A group attack.

2. Confrontation with old school antagonist. I wouldn’t back down; was more assertive. I stood up and hit back. Cleared some air. (maybe first dream was a catalyst for the second)


5:6c:1: A struggling, fighting, danger dream; a bit like a Nija movie. A little boy was in danger and I was protecting him from being harmed by some bad guys. There was lots of emotion involved: fear, suspense, staying alert, looking out and keeping a low profile to not attract attention. Woke up feeling bit fearful and apprehensive.


10:30c:13: Dream: My sister-in-law choking me after her child pushed my child and I said not to. Then she went for me.




4:30c:3: My husband is staring out to space. I am thinking that I look pretty good; putting on a yellow top then a pink top and black suite. Feeling pretty good; I walked out of the house, not needing his approval. I thought, if you are not going to notice me, I’ll find someone else who will.



10:30c:6: Dream: About my mother driving with all the family in the car. I sat in the front with her. Dangerous driving; She was driving very fast on the wrong side of the road. I had to do the steering when B was fossicking around for something. Set on the road into Lismore near the Cathedral (see previous dream).





14:200c:1: Dreamed about people doing things they thought they couldn’t do.


25:200c:1: Able to get some very fine fibres of coconut husk and twist them into a good rope.


25:200c:1: My brother offered me a large reward to help him out. (I felt it was a good arrangement.) CS




9:30:2 Had a dream of a love affair with Pat Cash (Famous Australian Tennis player). Where did that come from? I’m not a fan. In it, issues of wealth, fitting in, acceptance within a wealthy class of people.





1:30c:1: Hungry again. Normally I don’t eat a lot. If I eat more it makes me sick. Had no real hunger since teens. Normally I know I have to eat because I become weak if I don’t, not because I get hungry. CS


1:30c:1: Have been diagnosed as mal-absorption; I never put on weight. When growing up, I had to eat lots whether hungry or not. In a regimented family.


1:30c:2: Always been bit skinny and lacking energy. Now feel good in intestines. CS


1:30c:4: Putting on a bit of weight. My body must be extracting more from the food – as my stools are harder. CS


1:30c:8: I used to gulp my food down very fast and not be able to enjoy it. Now I enjoy eating and feel satisfied. CS


4:30c:1: Not hungry but energy up.


4:30c:3: 3.40 pm and really hadn’t eaten all day; not enjoying food. Usually have to graze every two hours and eat immediately when hungry. This has evened out.


7:200c:1 Felt hungry for dinner, but after began eating I lost appetite for it.





1:30c:1: Energy has been more stable for the last two days. I haven’t petered out before eating. CS


4:30c:1: Not hungry but energy up. CS


4:30c:3: Getting more tired each day.


7:200c:4 From sunset on I am tired (after a sleepless night) but start to feel that energy that holds me out of sleep. 10 pm I am physically and mentally tired but on some level I am energetically waking up so the net feeling is not conductive to sleep.


12:30c:1: During morning at school – a trembly feeling in hands and body.


16:6c:3: Lots of energy in spite of sleepless, restless night.





4:30c:4: Increased desire and tolerance for alcohol. Having four glasses; red wine and beer.

4:30c:21: Some days feel like a drink; nearly and addiction. Difficult some days to not drink.


7:200c:1 Desires fresh food.

Avers starch; oily; fatty foods.


9:30C:2 Craving beer.


14:200c:1: Could eat cheese and felt OK. Normally couldn’t. CS


16:6c:2: Avers to my usual coffee; it makes me thirsty.


16:6c:9: Wanting to eat peanuts, nuts in general and peanut butter.




17:14c:0: Heap of aches and pains – but probably wont tell you about it.


22:1M R:0: Can’t cross right leg over left


22:1M R:0: Questions things, but the more they learn the more pain they get.


21:200c:0: What they do:


23:1M R:0: Their body is so painful that they retract into a nice space. They withdraw from their body into a non-logical state (delusion)


23:1M R:0: Muscle contractions of all kinds. Lactic acid comes to mind. Movements and retractions like Rhus tox:




22:1M R:0: Does not > Pain in back (that came with the 50M) < it a bit.

Pain moved into the bone. Like it eats away the bone.


22:1M R:0: Disease in bone, can be any bone - eats the bone away from the middle of the bone, moves around all bones.

If you cut this bone disease out ® it goes to heart problems

19:30c:0: It is very destructive.


19:30c:0: As if it is destroying the synovial fluid and jelly in ankle joints. It sets hard. < right side.






14:200c:0-4: Pressure in forehead over eyes.

15:30c:1: Headache all day; not my usual type. Dull pain; no cause. Not dominating; less intense; not pounding. Began 11 am and lasted till in bed at night.

< left side; top front of forehead.


16:6c:0 - 7: Low grade headache over my forehead and around my eyes and over the left side of my face. Not > sleep.

16:6c:7: Headache more in sinuses, on the bridge of my nose.


25:200c:0: Noticed again a constriction of energy coming down my forehead over my eyes; as if something closed.





1:30c:0:20 mts: felt puffiness in cheeks.


2:6c:0: Warmth in the face in evening.





1:30c:0:soon after: An intense feeling around eyes – a tightness.


1:30c:2: Sensation above eyes like energy whirring around – fairly constantly.

- around and in eyes and in my head.

- it faded as day goes on.


1:30c:6: Sensation about eyes moved up into my forehead – was restricting and tight. Now lighter.


2:6c:1-8: Left eye itching; contact lens irritating her; gradually gets < during day. Feels like allergic feeling from cats. OS


7:200c:1 Constantly accumulating and rubbing out sleep from the corners of the eyes.





7:200c:2 Hot left ear lobe today.





2:6c:0:immediately: Dryness in the nose.





2:6c:0:immediately: Warm earthy taste in mouth, reminiscent of coffee.


4:30c:1: Middle back of tongue really dry; not thirsty, just really dry, on waking in night.


4:30c:1: Middle back of tongue really dry in day also. Infrequent sips of water does not fix it – not a thirst thing. < 9 – 10 pm.


4:30c:4: Centre of tongue feels thicker, as if teeth sticking out.


7:200c:3 I woke up several times with teeth tightly clenched and grinding. OS





2:6c:0:immediately: Warm earthy taste in mouth, reminiscent of coffee.


2:6c:0:30 minutes: Bitter taste at back of throat for half an hour.


7:200c:1 Metal like taste comes and goes.






2:6c:0:30 minutes: Acid feeling in stomach for half an hour.


2:6c:3: Stomach pains in evening.


3:200c:0:15 minutes: Small acid pain in stomach, like after taking aspirin. Lasted 15 mts.


9:30:3 Burping and farting; < after beer.


16:6c:2: Feeling very thirsty.


16:6c:2: Appetite seems to be a bit insatiable.





1:30c:1: In bed, heat and pain and gurgling – heaps of energy- in liver region while lying. Have a history of weak liver. It felt good. CS


2:6c:8,9 & 12: Bloating in the afternoon.


2:6c:9-14: Last couple of days: outrageous bloating – like a low slung pregnancy (3 months). Tightness; painful. < coffee; warm water; > cold water; on rising in morning.

< after lunch and in evening. Not eating much for dinner because feels like no room. Gaseous. OS


9:30:2 Gripping, colicy pain abdomen in morning, like pre-menstrual time. Pain across abdomen under navel.


9:30:1 Gripping pain with bloating in evening after 8 pm; > flatus.


16:6c:1: I feel a bit liverish. Short fused and cranky, especially early in the mornings.






1:30c:1: Stools more compact; like my body had extracted every little bit of food out of them.


1:30c:4: Stools harder; more difficult to pass; have to wait; darker but no pain.





4:30c:12: Had to go to urinate four times in night.





4:30c:1: It appears that I ovulated the day after taking the remedy (one week early for me, and I have never been early or late in 30 years).


4:30c:m: Got pregnant soon after starting proving because of early ovulation. No symptoms of pregnancy except one day of flu like state with nausea, so I didn’t know. No morning sickness. Foetus died at 6 weeks and miscarried at 9 weeks; curette (first miscarriage; have had three children.) Part of placenta retained, leading to infection and haemorrhage after three weeks. Needed antibiotics.


4:30c:14: At ovulation I felt like a ‘Menstrual monster’.





1:30c:0: soon after: an intense feeling around sternum – a tightness.


9:30:3 Pain in chest; cutting pain in a line into sternum; in mid morning after eating a little.

Had to get up and move, which >. Returned later; > burping; distraction.





12:30c:1: Cough from 6 – 9 pm.





7:200c:2 Apparently I had stoped breathing in my sleep (woken by partner at 11 pm).





11:30c:17: Put my back out playing Rugby; no particular accident. It got gradually worse through the game. OS


11:30c:18: Back pain worst ever. History of two fused vertebra – calcified together. In past would have pains in the legs from his back. This time only pain in the kidney region. Had to take acute remedies.

> Rhus-t and Ruta grava. Proving stoped. OS


22:1M R:0: Does not > Pain in back (that came with the 50M) < it a bit.

Pain moved into the bone. Like it eats away the bone.


24:50M R:0: Dull pain above right hip in back, begins in back travels to hip and would go down leg (like sciatica) but not sharp – dull . A 2-inch band above pelvic bone around to hip. Old age limp.






1:30c:0:2 hours: Pain in left foot walking down stairs.


1:30c:0:2 hours: Left knee weak.


4:30c:21: Pain in left big toe; cold pain as if frozen. Moved to right toe.

< as sun goes down – all night. > warmth.

4:30c:1- 21: No sciatica pains since proving. Usually shoot down legs; now only some pain in nates.


10:30C:3: Sore shoulder came back. < morning; when tries to straighten it out. > massage. Feels like stretching; feels stiff; not affected by weather. OS


19:30c:0: As if it is destroying the synovial fluid and jelly in ankle joints. It sets hard. < right side.


21:200c:0: Pain in wrist; like RSI:


21:200c:0: As if arm broken.


21:200c:0: Arthritic fingers.


23:1M R:0: Pain in knuckles of fingers < right side. Feel a need to crack them.






4:30c:1: Sleepless with no anxiety. A nothing mood; enjoying just lying there.


5:6c:1: Woke 3 am.


7:200c:1 Insomnia from over-running mind.


7:200c:1 Insomnia but mind not busy. After being woken, no urge to sleep. Would fall asleep for short periods then wake after scattered dream images.


7:200c:1 The moment I started to dream it woke me up.


7:200c:3 A night of intermittent wake and sleep.


7:200c:3 Insomnia still; not stressed though; just lying there waiting for sleep.


7:200c:4 Seep first hour, then almost no sleep until pre-dawn.


9:30:0 Felt I was going deeper than usual into sleep; felt nice.


9:30:2 Didn’t want to wake up in the morning.


10:30c:1: Sleep better; not so tired in day. CS


12:30c:1: Woke up 2.30 am thinking about change.


16:6c:0: Woke 4 am and sleepless till sun up (6 am).


16:6c:3: Sleepless, restless night. My mind is so busy in the middle of the night. Yackity yackity yack.


16:6c:8: Almost just aware of being awake the whole night.





7:200c:2 Itchy red blotchy spot under right armpit. Looks like a little mole in the centre.







SIMILAR: Aurum metallicum: Depression, nothing; total ennui; dark and heavy.

From having everything to losing everything. Death. Driven.

Sulphur: Intellectual and logical rather than soft and emotional; selfish;

firry and explosive.

Based on the comments of a prover and a supervisor, I believe that Sol will have a special relationship with the following two remedies. They may be complementary.



Luna: Depressed because of a disconnection from life; no attachments;

empty; still and isolated. Death and dissolution.

Aqua marina: Also has a dark depressed state, from grief or just feeling

lost. Floating; lost to myself; hopelessness and for eternity. Terrified of the infinite blackness of death.







The following notes from one supervisor are included separately here because this person did not take the remedy during the proving, but felt she was affected by the energy of the proving. (She is very sensitive to subtle energies and has felt affected by provings as a supervisor in the past). If these are proving symptoms then I would consider them very significant symptoms of this remedy. At this stage however they remain only possible symptoms, unless they become confirmed by cases or further provings.


What supports the possibility of them being related to Sol are the facts that the proving was probably involved in one death (by miscarriage), and my understanding of Sol as a radiation places it within a group of remedies that have the themes of disintegration and death. Also, the depth of it’s depression and its similarity to Aurum hints at this possibility. However, at this stage its validity remains unproven and may be just coincidental.





I feel that what we are dealing with here is HUGE, so huge that we can’t see it or comprehend it. I think the proving remedy did affect me. It seemed to antidote the good things that Sepia had done for me previously. The overall energy of the proving, I feel, stayed with me in a profound way for at least six months.



I have felt surrounded by death since the proving of Sol. It actually began two days before I was asked to participate in the proving. I saw a sign warning of my potential death. [This supervisor has some experience in the American Indian tradition which acknowledges such signs.] I did the ceremony to get rid of this sign. One hour later I had an experience where I nearly died. As a passenger in a car, we only narrowly escaped a high speed head on collision by sliding off the road to avoid another car. On the 25th April, I was nearly run over by a tractor that jumped out of gear and rushed past me down a hill. On the 27th April (Full moon and Buddha’s birthday), one of my best friends died in the ocean. He was a very strong swimmer but always made sure he did what he set out to do, even if the ocean was dangerous. He loved the ocean. I had just given his partner a homœopathic remedy, and felt partly responsible for creating the situation where this could happen.


On the night after the funeral I came home and went to bed and cried. I felt my deceased friend lie down beside me (I have never experienced this sort of thing before). I wasn’t alarmed by the presence but when he went to put his arm around me to console me, I said to myself and him ‘This is weird; why are you here in bed with me?’ ‘Why am I imagining this?’ ‘I’ve never had a physical attraction towards you.’ Gradually the presence dissolved.


‘I remember several provers at the meeting relating dreams of embracing a man and feeling comforted by him or something similar. So, the important words that come out of this for me are:

    1. Consolation – the sun does console and comfort us – SOLace. When I felt down I walked and sat in the Sun every day and felt better for this.
    2. Responsibility – I felt partly responsible for my friends death. I felt a terror at feeling responsible for his death in some way.
    3. As if under a spell – I felt under the spell of death for some time’.


‘I felt very alone with it all. No one to talk to about it.’

‘During the proving I felt a strong relationship between the Sun, Moon Ocean and the Earth.’ [This comment was also made by the sensitive prover during the proving.]

After six months, this supervisor felt that the dark cloud of the proving had gone.

She was given Sol 30c on


On 1st May 2003 she took sol 200 because

After this some aspects of her life changed. She set up a healing practice and was asked to do a cleansing ceremony for the healing centre. Up to this point she had never felt ready to start a healing practice even though she had qualified in Homeopathy several years earlier.