Proposed Table of Miasms in the Plant Kingdom           



Reading the provings of Paeonia by Susanne Diez (see on, it struck me that this plant could be of the Leprous miasm.
E.g. there is a dream of someone raping his wife and then out of frustration cutting off his own penis.
Another dream of the prover┤s father lying in his grave and withering, while still moving.
There are feelings of being left out and lonely.
So this miasm could be an idea.

J÷rg Wichmann, 2012







Of a given plant group this table only shows those species that we could relate a certain miasm to. If you want to see all remedies of a plant family or order that are in current homeopathic use or that have recently been proved, you can go to the website and there to "search substances and groups", where you can chose the remedy group you are interested in.

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