Proposed Table of Miasms in the Plant Kingdom           



Vital sensation: elements of Papaverace, Magnoliacae, Piperaceae, Ranunculaceae came up distinctively.
  (VitalEmpfindung: Elemente der Papaverace, Magnoliacae, Piperaceae, Ranunculaceae sind deutlich beobachtbar.)
by Sigrid Lindemann,  31.7.2012


Comment for the suggestion of Nelumbo nucifera in Syphilitic Miasm:
case with 5y follow up, did a trituration – miasm was observed by participants."   (ein Fall mit 5 j Beobachtung, und eine Verreibung durchgeführt – dabei wurde dies auch von den Prüflingen so vorgeschlagen.)
by Sigrid Lindemann,  31.7.2012




Of a given plant group this table only shows those species that we could relate a certain miasm to. If you want to see all remedies of a plant family or order that are in current homeopathic use or that have recently been proved, you can go to the website and there to "search substances and groups", where you can chose the remedy group you are interested in.

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