Proposed Table of Miasms in the Plant Kingdom           



Squilla maritima vorgeschlagen für das tuberkulinische Miasma von Willi Neuhold anhand eines sehr klaren Falles von Pertussis bei einem Jugendlichen, vorgestellt auf einem Seminar in Köln 2013.

Jörg Wichmann, 2.2.2013


Iris im malar. Miasma auf Vorschlag von Willi Neuhold bei einem Seminar in Graz, 27.5.16.  (Bericht Heike Müllers)


Trillium pendulum  -  Cancer miasm

Suggested by Sigrid Lindemann in a personal communication on the basis of a case. (30.4.18)



Of a given plant group this table only shows those species that we could relate a certain miasm to. If you want to see all remedies of a plant family or order that are in current homeopathic use or that have recently been proved, you can go to the website and there to "search substances and groups", where you can chose the remedy group you are interested in.

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