Proposed Table of Miasms in the Plant Kingdom           



                                                                                             ausführliche Darstellung der Familie in deutsch 

Comment for the suggestion of Platanus in the Leprous Miasm:
We triturated it in a group, miasm came up strongly: ugliness, feeling excluded from life, being separated from life."  ("Selbst verrieben, fühlte sich aussen vor, ausgeschlossen vom Leben, kulissenartig, hässlich, etc.etc.")
by Sigrid Lindemann,  31.7.2012


Urtica urens as possibly to be assorted to the Ringworm-Miasm according to a case of arthritis, reported in a seminar Feb.2014 by Willi Neuhold (notes taken by J.Wichmann).  There are also good arguments for the Typhoid Miasm as well.
So the question has to stay open at the moment.

+ Bestätigungsfall für Urtica im Ringworm-Miasma. Annette Sneevliet, Seminar Köln 2015.    - J.W. 17.5.15




Of a given plant group this table only shows those species that we could relate a certain miasm to. If you want to see all remedies of a plant family or order that are in current homeopathic use or that have recently been proved, you can go to the website and there to "search substances and groups", where you can chose the remedy group you are interested in.

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